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On Dec. 22, 1972 the Ludlow Portuguese School opened it's doors to the public for the first time. Since that day the school has been teaching students how to speak, read and write the Portuguese language. In addition students have also been taught the history and culture of the country. The School has resided in it's present location at 33 Norwood St, since March of 1983.

​The Portuguese School offers a program in the Portuguese language and culture from first to sixth grade.  We utilize the same textbooks as those used in the Portuguese School System in Portugal.  Children have the opportunity to learn the Portuguese language and culture in an inspiring and academic environment.  Help keep the Portuguese culture alive and well in our community.  Sign your child up for classes this fall!!!

A Nossa Escola

A escola portuguesa oferece um programa de Língua e Cultura Portuguesas do primeiro ao sexto ano de escolaridade.  O nosso programa é complementado com livros vindos de Portugal.  As nossas crianҫas têm a oportunidade de aprenderem a língua e cultura num ambiente académico e motivante. Ajude a manter a cultura portuguesa viva na nossa comunidade. Inscreva as suas crianҫas na nossa escola este Setembro!!!


​​​​​The Portuguese School Board

Joanne Pontes

Christina Brown

Amanda Alves

Deborah Jolly

Cristina Jorge

The original planning Commitee

J Carreira

J Silva

S Pires

Prof A Pires

A Borges

M. Sequeira 

F Veiga

J Afonso